Mar 01, 2019 BENCHmark 2019 Winners!

A big congratulations to the winners of BENCHmark 2019! WALL CHAIR by Li Jiapei, Tan Yeqian, & Yang Hengyuan (Beijing, China) will be located at Sir John Franklin Park, and SEESAW by Sylvia Choi & Daegeon Jeong (Brooklyn, NY) will be located at Northeast Pioneers Greenway. Stay tuned this summer for the unveiling of these designs!
Honourable mentions: FLUVIAL by Ronnie Kataki, Edward Wang, & Jia Li Song of Nice One Projects, Cambridge, MA; and THE LINE by Sergi ViƱals Musquera, Mariona Mayol Batlle & Sergi Garcia Campmany of Hue Studio, Barcelona, Spain.
Thank you to everyone who participated this year!