Nov 30, 2018 And the winner is…

The Cheesemongers Fromagerie and Studio Hiraeth!

Image of Cheese Mongers interior

2018 People’s Choice Winner

The Cheesemongers Fromagerie
839 Corydon Avenue

Design Team: Studio Hiraeth

Two opposing themes of minimalism and rustic comfort come together to form a light filled, airy interior with soft curvatures and an exposed ceiling. A modern take on a seemingly old world boutique corner-shop, allowing patrons to linger and be immersed in the world of fine cheeses.



Nov 13, 2018 BENCHmark Call for Proposals

The Winnipeg Trails Association and Storefront Manitoba invite design teams to submit proposals for a permanent bench to be located along the Trans Canada Trail. We are asking you to put your skills to work and challenge the concept of a ‘common’ bench. We are looking for an intervention that has the power to stop people in their tracks and provide a place to wait, rest, read and more. 

BENCHmark 2018/2019 Proposal Brief

Wednesday, February 13th, 2019 at 11:59PM CST