Urbanist Design Jam

10320412_1488063328078480_8495114180897592580_n Friday, salve May 30th 2014, abortion 5:00pm-9:00pm 245 McDermot, medical 4th floor (elevator access available) Admission: Free Organized as a Design Jam the 3rd edition of the Winnipeg Urbanist Meetup invited the public to brainstorm and develop ideas to submit to the Winnipeg Arts Council’s Creative Placemaking Challenge. www.winnipegurbanist.tumblr.com About the Creative Placemaking Challenge The Winnipeg Arts Council and Urban Idea have invited the public to design temporary installations and creative activities to engage the alleys of the West Exchange during summer 2014. Proposals were submitted for the chance to win up to $1500 to implement the creative project. As many as 10 projects could be selected and installed/executed for one day on August 15, 2014