BENCHmark 2016 Competition Entries


Thank you to all who submitted to the 2016 BENCHmark Competition!
Check out the great selection of proposals below.

Thank you to our jury:

  • Christina Harris [Landscape Architect, The City of Winnipeg]
  • Thom Fougere [Owner, Thom Fougere Studio]
  • Peter Sampson [Owner, PSA Studios]
  • Seema Goel [Artist]

BENCHmark Co-curators:

  • Anders Swanson [Curator, BENCHmark 2016; Coordinator/Manager, Winnipeg Trails Association]
  • Suzy Melo [Curator, BENCHmark 2016; Board Member, StorefrontMB; Landscape Architect, ft3]

Post-selection Technical Advisors:

  • Andy Farrer & Kyle Lucyk [The City of Winnipeg]


Winner (Agassiz Site): SCATTERED SPHERES by Kellen Deighton, Karen Hare & J Neufeld (Wood Anchor Inc.)

18_ScatteredSpheres_2 18_ScatteredSpheres

Winner (Crampton’s Market): POTHOLE BENCH by Michelle Tustin

22_PotholeBench_1 22_PotholeBench_2

Honourable Mention: DETOUR by Jason Kun, Glen Gross, Jordan Pauls & Kailey Kroeker (1×1 architecture inc.)

17_Detour_1 17_Detour_2

Airspan by Robert Sweeney 001_Airspan


Horizon Event by Michael Lucenkiw

002_Horizon Event_1 002_Horizon Event_2

Pallet Place by Omar de Mesa, Vincent Tang, Ingi Kim

003_PalletPlace_1 003_PalletPlace_2

GrassT by Matt Hagen & Evan Taylor


CassT by Matt Hagen & Evan Taylor

005_CassT_1 005_CassT_2

Cataloging the Red River Valley by Kimberley Garza, Andrew tenBrink & Erik Prince (ATLAS Lab)

006_Cataloging The Red River Valley_1 006_Cataloging The Red River Valley_2

Tehtapowin by Ryan Wakshinski

007_Tehtapowin_1 007_Tehtapowin_2

PUSHPULL by Matt Hagen, Omar de Mesa and Studio b & B Rocke Landscaping

008_PushPull_1 008_PushPull_2

LivingRoom by Dale Wiebe

009_LivingRoom_1 009_LivingRoom_2

halte routière/rest stop by Lia Abolit & Kyle Lewkowich

010_RestStop_1 010_RestStop_2

Prairie Capsized by Tyler Whitehead & Charles Stewart

011_PrairieCapsized_1 011_PrairieCapsized_2

From Where I’m Sitting by Caroline Inglis & Kate Jackson

012_FromWhereImSitting_1 012_FromWhereImSitting_2

Beauty Mark by Vanessa Goldgrub

013_BeautyMark_1 013_BeautyMark_2

Benchscape by Ali Navidbakhsh, Luc Nugent & Jay Lim


CHILL by Byron Rocke

015_Chill_1 015_Chill_2

spinpoint by Jennifer Reynolds, Brock Klassen, Justin Ladia, Chris Leydier & Sean Usher (Republic Architecture)

016_SpinPoint_1 016_SpinPoint_2

Blossom Bench by Nicholas Croft & Michaela Macleod (Polymétis)

019_BlossomBench_1 019_BlossomBench_2

Relief by Kevin Loewen, Alden Neufeld & Brent Lauman (701 Architecture)

020_Relief_1 020_Relief_2

Benchscape by Lawrence Bird

Untitled 021_Benchscape_2

Breezko by Ethem Övünç Tar, Emeil Andron Alvarez & Jim Kurt Ereño

023_Breezko_1 023_Breezko_2

Commune by Kent Mundle

024_Commune_1 024_Commune_2

Hidden Bench by Joseph Pilapil & Emily Sinclair

025_HiddenBench_1 025_HiddenBench_2