BENCHmark 2016 Competition Entries

The BENCHmark 2016 competition invited designers to submit proposals for the design of a permanent bench along the Bishop Grandin Trail – Winnipeg’s longest multi-use trail. A competition seeking designers to help make / celebrate places that embody physical literacy, add refinement to the art of traveling while providing a place to sit, read, discuss and exchange.

Thank you to all who submitted to the 2016 BENCHmark Competition!
Check out the great selection of proposals below.

Thank you to our jury:

  • Christina Harris [Landscape Architect, The City of Winnipeg]
  • Thom Fougere [Owner, Thom Fougere Studio]
  • Peter Sampson [Owner, PSA Studios]
  • Seema Goel [Artist]

BENCHmark Co-curators:

  • Anders Swanson [Curator, BENCHmark 2016; Coordinator/Manager, Winnipeg Trails Association]
  • Suzy Melo [Curator, BENCHmark 2016; Board Member, StorefrontMB; Landscape Architect, ft3]

Post-selection Technical Advisors:

  • Andy Farrer & Kyle Lucyk [The City of Winnipeg]


Winner (Agassiz Site): SCATTERED SPHERES by Kellen Deighton, Karen Hare & J Neufeld (Wood Anchor Inc.)

18_ScatteredSpheres_2 18_ScatteredSpheres

Winner (Crampton’s Market): POTHOLE BENCH by Michelle Tustin

22_PotholeBench_1 22_PotholeBench_2

Honourable Mention: DETOUR by Jason Kun, Glen Gross, Jordan Pauls & Kailey Kroeker (1×1 architecture inc.)

17_Detour_1 17_Detour_2

Airspan by Robert Sweeney 001_Airspan


Horizon Event by Michael Lucenkiw

002_Horizon Event_1 002_Horizon Event_2

Pallet Place by Omar de Mesa, Vincent Tang, Ingi Kim

003_PalletPlace_1 003_PalletPlace_2

GrassT by Matt Hagen & Evan Taylor


CassT by Matt Hagen & Evan Taylor

005_CassT_1 005_CassT_2

Cataloging the Red River Valley by Kimberley Garza, Andrew tenBrink & Erik Prince (ATLAS Lab)

006_Cataloging The Red River Valley_1 006_Cataloging The Red River Valley_2

Tehtapowin by Ryan Wakshinski

007_Tehtapowin_1 007_Tehtapowin_2

PUSHPULL by Matt Hagen, Omar de Mesa and Studio b & B Rocke Landscaping

008_PushPull_1 008_PushPull_2

LivingRoom by Dale Wiebe

009_LivingRoom_1 009_LivingRoom_2

halte routière/rest stop by Lia Abolit & Kyle Lewkowich

010_RestStop_1 010_RestStop_2

Prairie Capsized by Tyler Whitehead & Charles Stewart

011_PrairieCapsized_1 011_PrairieCapsized_2

From Where I’m Sitting by Caroline Inglis & Kate Jackson

012_FromWhereImSitting_1 012_FromWhereImSitting_2

Beauty Mark by Vanessa Goldgrub

013_BeautyMark_1 013_BeautyMark_2

Benchscape by Ali Navidbakhsh, Luc Nugent & Jay Lim


CHILL by Byron Rocke

015_Chill_1 015_Chill_2

spinpoint by Jennifer Reynolds, Brock Klassen, Justin Ladia, Chris Leydier & Sean Usher (Republic Architecture)

016_SpinPoint_1 016_SpinPoint_2

Blossom Bench by Nicholas Croft & Michaela Macleod (Polymétis)

019_BlossomBench_1 019_BlossomBench_2

Relief by Kevin Loewen, Alden Neufeld & Brent Lauman (701 Architecture)

020_Relief_1 020_Relief_2

Benchscape by Lawrence Bird

Untitled 021_Benchscape_2

Breezko by Ethem Övünç Tar, Emeil Andron Alvarez & Jim Kurt Ereño

023_Breezko_1 023_Breezko_2

Commune by Kent Mundle

024_Commune_1 024_Commune_2

Hidden Bench by Joseph Pilapil & Emily Sinclair

025_HiddenBench_1 025_HiddenBench_2